PvP Minecraft for schools and colleges


Compete in three exciting Minecraft PvP modes


Who will be crowned the first-ever champions?

The Minecraft Collegiate League

The Minecraft Collegiate League (MCCL) is a grassroots project designed to bring Minecraft into esports in the UK.

Our aim is to come together with other UK based colleges to start a Minecraft community of builders and PvP lovers. Ultimately, we hope each college will build their own ‘home arena’ where they can do battle across a number of PvP game modes made popular by Minecraft.

Who are we?

The MCCL is a collaborative effort of current and former staff from FE colleges in the UK to allow students who love Minecraft’s designing, building and competitive elements to get involved in esports in a new and original way.

We have based the design and structure of the MCCL on what we have learned from our students, with the aim of ensuring as many people as possible can enjoy and get involved with this project.